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Health Insurance - Corporate


Founded over fifty years ago, BUPA is by far the largest private International Health Care organization in the United Kingdom, with over ten million members in 190 countries. As a provident association, BUPA has no shareholders so profits are reinvested in better health and care services. BUPA’s core purpose is “to help our customers lead longer, healthier, happier lives”. Bupa International offers access to more than 200,000 recognized medical providers worldwide and can settle bills directly with over 7,500 hospitals and clinics. The company was granted the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for its continued substantial growth in overseas earnings and commercial success.Their experience is unparalleled, and they know the high standards members expect when they visit a hospital and are in need of care. BUPA knows what treatments and facilities are available around the globe, and understands the importance of staying on hand with advice and support through every stage of a patient's treatment, care and recovery.


Comparing plans is tough but necessary. There is no such thing as a standard coverage. Benefits and costs vary widely. You have to find the best deal for you.Comparing Companies is becoming as crucial. “When the Economic downturn begins to affect private health insurance Companies, BUPA will be The Last Man Standing”. BUPA is taking over the Latin American Market. You can now choose Protection from the best, biggest and strongest in the region:· Largest International Health Insurance Company, with 10 million customers in more than 190 countries. · +$10 billion in annual premiums (2009)· With no shareholders, BUPA reinvest the surplus money ($601 millions in 2009) to provide customers around the world with choice and control over their healthcare.



1. Best Plans and Prices available. The cheapest plan is the one with the best price for the benefits you’re most likely to use.

2. Fast Process to get a quote, receive consultation and purchase coverage. Contact us and get a quote TODAY!

3. Peace of mind, a guarantee that you will be PROTECTED by the best … Now, Ten years and Twenty years from now … from The Last Man Standing.

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