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Are you renting your Panama Condo/House to 3rd parties?

Contributed by: Kevin Bradley

In Panasurance, we have designed a special program to cover your property and extend certain coverage to your TENANTS.

First of all, we recommend that you insure YOUR contents under a homeowner´s multirisk policy. This policy will include coverage for fire, theft, explosion, earthquake, hurricane/windstorm, flood, smoke and water damages. It will also cover your electronic equipment ( % of the basic sum insured); theft ( % of the basic sum insured); break in with forced entry and assault (up to $250.00 cash) inside or outside the premises.

Within this basic policy, there is General Liability Coverage up to $100,000.00. This protection also extends to damage sustained by your neighbors from an incident originating in your residence.

If you are renting to third parties, we recommend that you request a "special endorsement" extending the Personal Liability coverage to these inquilinos(renters):

This special endorsement will extend coverage to the damages caused to third parties as a result of the renter’s negligence for which they are legally liable.

This special endorsement will also extend coverage to bodily injury that the renter may suffer or damages to the renter’s property as a result of the owner’s negligence for which the owner is legally liable.

Here is the wording of the endorsement:

"De acuerdo con esta modificación la póliza se extendería a cubrir tanto los daños materiales o lesiones corporales que sufra el inquilino (imputables al asegurado/propietario) dentro de la propiedad y sus predios , así como los daños y lesiones corporales que pudiese ocasionar el inquilino a terceros".

If the renters wish to cover THEIR personal stuff, they must request a separate policy for their personal items contained within your property.


For more information, contact:

Kevin = 6674-1063 cel. 322-1605 direct
Carmen = New Policies/quotes (Speaks/Writes perfect English) 6613-1063 cel. 322-1605 direct


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