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Kevin Bradley


Kevin Bradley is a graduate of Texas A&M, lifelong resident of Panama and has been helping people with their insurance needs for more than 40 years. He is a bilingual, fully licensed Panamanian insurance broker, member of the National College of Insurance Brokers (CONALPROSE), Elks Lodge 1414 and an avid golfer.


Panama is a unique and wonderful country. Living here is not without risk. Don't take risks buying insurance protection from non-licensed financial institutions. Banks are NOT authorized to sell insurance, neither are automobile dealers. Check with me before you add any insurance coverage to a mortgage or car loan.

The purpose of this web site is to help friends and clients obtain access to my services online. With over 40 years experience as a fully licensed insurance broker, it is my mission to help solve your insurance problems.


While I am associated with the The Ducruet Insurance Agency, a highly respected Insurance Brokerage Agency in Panama, this site has been designed for my English speaking customers.


As evolves, I hope to achieve success at guiding you to the lowest rates, best coverage and most professional insurance service available in Panama. My network is extensive, I have daily contact with most of the local and international insurance companies operating in this country. It is my personal commitment to see that my clients obtain fair and prompt settlement of all claims.


Lately, I have been getting many email requests for quotes from people living in all the provinces of Panama, as well as Canada, US, Japan and Europe. I think the best way to help you all is to place accurate, meaningful, insurance information on this web site and update it often.


I look forward to helping you with all your insurance needs, in the Republic of Panama.

Kevin Bradley


celphone: 6674-1063

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